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The primary reason why we are all here on this earth is to learn to become more like our Heavenly Father, to eventually be even as He is. The Lord knew that during this mortal journey many things would happen to us that we have no control over and that many more things would happen to us that we would have control over. These decisions and choices would lead to us making many mistakes, both of commission and of omission in this learning and growing process we call life.

Our loving Father also knew that the primary way we would choose to learn and grow would be through making many mistakes. How many times did each of us fall before we learned to walk? Hundreds, maybe thousands of times. How many tries did it take for us to learn to ride a bike for the first time? Those who have taken music lessons to learn to play any instrument, how many notes or keys did you miss just to learn one simple song? Thousands of mistakes and slip ups, right? Should we feel bad for doing so? No!!! We are learning. But many, if not most, become frustrated, upset and even angry with themselves in the process and quit.

How many times have we said or heard others say, “I wish I had stayed with taking my music lessons when I was younger.” Well, this mortal journey is no different than learning to do ANYTHING else on this earth. It takes time. It takes practice. And we will make thousands of mistakes along the way. We will make them every single day until we die but the secret is not to feel too bad when we do slip up and make those hundreds and thousands of mistakes, but that we NEVER QUIT trying. We need and want to learn from our daily mistakes and sins and we must realize there is no other way to learn and grow except to fail and fall many times, but each time if we get back up, we can and will do a little better, if we don’t beat ourselves up in the process.

Our all-knowing and loving Father in Heaven knew full well, perfectly well, that this would be the case and so to help us succeed and make sure we could all make it through this tutoring process, He gave us His only begotten son, Jesus Christ, that through His great and eternal sacrifice no matter how many times we fall and fail, He will help us get back up and do a little better with each try. However, we must never stop trying; that is the key. We have His promise that if we never quit or give up, neither will He, in helping and working with us to get us through this learning and growing process so we can return back home and do what He does.

Jesus Christ possesses more love and kindness, more compassion and tenderness, more forgiveness and understanding than all the people who have ever lived on this earth, or on all of the innumerable worlds that Jesus Christ created with His Father in Heaven combined.

His wisdom and ability to touch and change lives has made a footprint, an impression on mankind that will never be filled or forgotten, even by all of the best men and women who have ever lived on this earth combined. So great is His influence and love that our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, saved not only this wicked earth upon which we live, he saved all of God’s creations, worlds that are as numberless to us as the sands of the sea.

This is the full and complete purpose and meaning of what the Savior’s atonement offers us. This is what His sacrifice was all about; to help us succeed and feel good about ourselves in this learning process. No matter how many times it takes, each of us can do this. We each have the spiritual DNA of our Father in Heaven. We are His offspring, His Children and with that, we have been blessed with His power to come forth and be like Him, for we are of Him. Through Jesus Christ and only through Jesus Christ can this be accomplished and all of this has been placed WITHIN OUR GRASP if we so desire it and do not ever give up on taking our daily lessons of life.

Of this I promise and testify.

Culley W. Davis

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